QFT Limited

QFT Ltd has spun out from the Dundee University Amorphous Materials Group which 25 years ago started a revolution with its pioneering work on thin film electronics that underpins today’s large area electronics sector.

This is one of the first active matrix LCDs produced by the group in the early 1980s.

Peter Denyer - Chairman

Prof Peter Denyer led the world-renowned research group at Edinburgh University that invented the CMOS image sensor. Peter led the spin out of this group to form VISION to commercialise this work. As CEO of VISION he grew the business to lead its worldwide market, displacing established Japanese CCD technology in a large proportion of consumer applications and producing millions of units per annum. VISION’s IPO in 1995 valued the business at £25M and by 1999, when the business was acquired by ST Microelectronics, it had grown to 90 staff with production and sales offices around the globe. Since VISION, Peter has become an angel investor, focusing on a small selection of new businesses with which he is intimately involved. He co-founded and chaired Microemissive Displays (MED), the world’s leading developer of polymer organic light emitting diode (P-OLED)-based microdisplays which floated on AIM in November 2004 and he co-founded and Chaired Rhetorical Group plc, a leading speech synthesis company, which was sold to Scansoft Inc. in 2005. He continues to serve as a director of MED and also chairs another technology company Eleksen Ltd which develops technology and applications for sensing fabric.

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