QFT Limited

QFT Ltd has spun out from the Dundee University Amorphous Materials Group which 25 years ago started a revolution with its pioneering work on thin film electronics that underpins today’s large area electronics sector.

This is one of the first active matrix LCDs produced by the group in the early 1980s.

The Company

QFT has its origins in the Amorphous Materials Group at Dundee University. The company spun out of the University in 2005 with the aim of commercialising a novel platform technology for field emission which can underpin the next generation of flat display devices

QFT has developed a new form of field emission backplane which gives highly uniform electron emission with low threshold voltage and no need for conditioning. The backplane is manufactured from amorphous silicon and its unique field emission characteristics are created by a simple proprietary engineering process which is free of any lithographic steps.

This technology offers the first true solution to the challenge of making a display equivalent to the “Flat CRT” from conventional materials and techniques. It will produce superior technical performance to other flat panel display technologies whilst also being competitive in terms of cost.

QFT began a programme in May 2005 to create a series of demonstrator devices to exemplify the benefits of this new electron source. QFT is seeking development partners to evaluate the incorporation of QFT's technology into their display products.

QFT invites interest from display companies who wish to evaluate this exciting new technology which offers the key to high-performance and economic field emission displays.

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